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It is your money, your needs, your time...we get that.  Ever hear a Realtor say, “I will help you achieve your real estate goal?"  In all our experience we’ve never quite understood this. We just assume you want to buy the best house for the lowest price, or sell your house for the most amount of money. This everyone's goal right?  But here is the difference, we listen first.  We hear that a lot too but when you listen with 60+ years’ experience, the right follow up questions get asked and THAT is why people come back to Team Gauze.  Many are overwhelmed and scared in a competitive market, we get that too.  Buying or selling a home CAN be the experience of a lifetime and should be treated as nothing less.  We chose this profession because it allows us to truly impact people’s lives, but we have never lost site of the fact that we are responsible to our client’s financial well-being first and foremost.  We watch every penny, every transaction, period!

You are unique, your reason for reading this bio, different than the next person’s, our team is diverse our knowledge is deep, we have you covered!

  • You will always know what is happening
  • Your calls will always be answered and returned
  • You will know we live our work! 

Our approach to negotiations is grounded in facts and analysis, we relentlessly analyze (review) the market because we enjoy (know) it, but our clients will say it allows them to make more informed and confident decisions.  Our buyers are positioned as strong and qualified in the eyes of the seller, our sellers are positioned and prepared to do action...Selling! Their houses are ready to meet buyers’ needs.  We provide HONEST feedback, negative as well as positive, enabling you to make decisions based on facts not fantasy. We can imagine a solution AND we can make it happen!

Why hire a TEAM? Buying or selling a home in the C-U market can be an intensely complex process filled with minute details and deadlines. This can be very challenging for a single agent. (see our reviews) Team work significantly increases the attention to detail with NO EXTRA COST to you!

Henry Ford said “ Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”. He also said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

We are well traveled and Multi-Cultural trained, we understand different points of view and empathize with our many clients who come to us from other countries. Using our skill sets, broad based local knowledge and ability to navigate and negotiate the real estate market, we empower our immigrant friends.  Dedication, expertise, and an optimistic approach to Real Estate, count on Team Gauze to deliver exceptional results for you!  We love our work and being able to bring our community integrated into our work. We love bringing people and properties together--clients, service providers, those that help us make you “at home” again. Contact us today and discover for yourself the immediate difference.

Spend a day with Team Gauze….. We don’t have customers we have friends, truly.